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classic case

During the forecast period, the street and laneway lighting market is expected to grow 6.03% during the forecast period to reach $1.094 billion in 2022. The base year for the study is 2015, and the forecast period is 2016 and 2022.

The global LED street lighting market has witnessed continuous growth over the past few years. The installation of connected LED street lights in the Smart City project is a contributor to the wider refurbishment of ageing urban infrastructure. Connected street lighting programs through a mobile network with a centralized management system (CMS) enable city managers to remotely control and monitor lighting assets.

Governments are taking steps to replace old street lamps with LED variants. Government action is also driving market growth, as governments around the world are building rules to encourage lead adoption. For example, cities in Canada and the United Kingdom have recently introduced programs to install smart lighting systems.

Pan American LEDs provide consistent lighting by improving overall visibility and providing additional safety for street and highway locations. They can also be paired with motion sensors, photovoltaic cells and timers to provide lighting control systems for efficient use. In addition, Pan American LED street lighting fixtures can be used in a variety of outdoor Spaces, such as Bridges, roads and buildings, to help improve aesthetics and improve energy efficiency.


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