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classic case

Plants depend on light energy for photosynthesis to grow, blossom, and bear fruit. However, due to constantly changing properties and bright changes, plants cannot fully absorb the photosynthetic nutrients they need at different stages of growth during different growth periods, which leads to the disadvantage of growth, especially at the seedling stage. The design and application of LEDs in the field of plant culture has the following characteristics: Wavelength type is rich in the spectral range of plant photosynthesis and optics. The spectral wave width is half wide and narrow, which can be combined according to needs to obtain pure monochromatic light and composite spectrum; It can focus light at specific wavelengths to shine evenly on crops; It can not only regulate the flowering and fruiting of crops, but also can be used in multi-layer cultivation stereo combination system to achieve low thermal load and production space miniaturization. In addition, its strong durability also reduces operating costs. Due to these remarkable properties, Pan American products are well suited for plant culture in controlled facilities such as plant tissue culture, protected horticulture and plant seedling cultivation, aerospace ecological living and protection systems, etc.

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