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To Light up Game Day

Writer:Jane Time:2016-01-09 Browse:87

customer case

Project Details

The Stadium coperted with Pan American was newly-constructed and opened prior to the 2015 season. The new stadium accommodates 7,000 spectators. It delivers the full convenience for the people who ardently love the sports activities.

Our Solution

Pan American’ fixtures were installed at the Stadium along with Pan American’unique wireless controls. The system is designed to deliver over 130 foot-candles of light to the field. Our designers ensured the lighting system met the strict requirements for the light and even exceeded the operators’ expectations, and also provided the high lumens lights with high-performance to strengthen the light in stadium.


The light levels and uniformity exceed operators’ expectations, and they also appreciated the durability of fixtures from Pan American, which allows fans to enjoy game day. Our stadium lighting has exceeded their expectations for overall quality and bright light. It takes the fan experience to a whole new level.


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