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Mežvidi Greenhouse

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customer case

Due to the extremely low natural light levels in Mežvidi (sometimes as little as 8 J/cm2 per day), the Mežvidi Greenhouse was unable to harvest as early as the 52nd week. The aim of Mežvidi Greenhouse is to be able to grow winter crops and make a profit: a Greenhouse that covers half a hectare can produce up to 8,000 kg/ week in January.

customer casecustomer case
Proper lighting
Mežvidi Greenhouse has installed 921 additional LED interplant lighting modules and 30 GreenPower LEDs for top lighting across the 72-square-metre area. After many calculations and various measurements, these lights achieved 13 moles of DLI per plant.

Within six weeks, not only were fruits 10 percent larger and energy consumption 30 percent lower than when they were exposed to HPS, but the severe pyretic disease was completely eliminated. With LED-to-plant lighting, we can plant more plants per square meter and achieve maximum planting density ahead of time, while also maintaining the best climate and necessary brightness during the shorter days of winter."


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