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How to choose and use LED Grow Light with good effects?

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       In many plant lights, LED Grow Light is one of them, and it is also the most used plant lights in recent years. Because compared with other plant lamps, LED Grow Lights have more advantages, such as: Less heat, small space, low power consumption, but also has a clear data that LED Grow Light on crop light with increased production, early listing, enhance the quality of the effect, so choose to use LED Grow Light more and more people, how to choose and use LED plant light effect is good?

   1. Pay attention to the choice of LED Grow Lights
      If you want to use LED Grow Lights to have a good effect, it is necessary to pay attention to choosing the right crop of LED plant lights in the first place. Different crops have different requirements for illumination and light intensity, so we should pay attention to the spectrum and power of LED Grow Lights. For the need to color and flowering crops can choose red and blue LED Grow Lights, for leaf vegetables crops can use full spectrum LED Grow Lights, light-loving plants to choose high-power LED Grow Lights
   2. Pay attention to the distance between the plant lights and the plants
      Plant lamps will have a certain amount of heat. If they are too close, they will burn the plants and cause certain damage to the plants. However, if the distance between the plant lamps and the plants is too far, the light utilization rate will be greatly reduced, thus weakening the light supplement effect. If the calorific value of the LED supplementary light is less than that of other supplementary light lamps, but there will be a certain amount of calorific value. At the same time, if the distance is too far, the effect of the supplementary light will be affected.
   3. Pay attention to filling time
      If the weather is clear, the plants can be supplemented for 2-3 hours in the morning and evening when the light is weak. If it is cloudy, rainy or hazy, the plants can be supplemented for the whole day. Moreover, there is a time limit for plants to replenish light. Plants have 14 hours of replenishing time in a day, which is the most appropriate time. They also need to rest at night and have time to carry out breathing.


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