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The Grow Light Makes You Eat Better Pitaya

Writer:Jane Time:2021-06-11 Browse:160

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Now more and more people like to eat pitaya, it is not only delicious, there are a lot of benefits to human body. Pitaya fruit is rich in vegetable albumin, which is less common in fruits and vegetables. This kind of active albumin has great benefits to human body. It also contains a lot of anthocyanins, rich vitamins and water-soluble dietary fiber. While anthocyanins are also found in foods such as grape skins and red beets, the highest concentrations are found in pitaya fruit. Although pitaya prefers warm places and is generally grown in the south, it is now possible to grow pitaya in greenhouses in the north with advanced technology.

The growth of pitaya is not particularly high on the soil, and pitaya is also one of the drought-tolerant plants. However, it is necessary to ensure sufficient water during the growing period, otherwise it will stop growing. Temperature is a decisive factor in the growth of pitaya, but greenhouse growers generally do not have to worry about this problem, greenhouse growers should be more concerned about the problem of light. If the sun is sufficient, the fleshy stem of the pitaya will be green, with more flowers and more fruit, but on the contrary, the sun is not sufficient, and the photosynthesis can not be received, and the fruit will be very little. So in the greenhouse to grow must ensure that there is enough sunlight. But what if the weather is bad and the long hours of light are not met? Now that technology has developed, we can use plant light bulbs to light up the pitaya when the light is not enough.

Grow Light is the natural law of the growth of root plants. According to the principle of photosynthesis of plants, it uses light to replace sunlight and provides sufficient illumination for the growth and development of plants. The grow Light has full spectrum and red and blue spectrum light, which can well meet the illumination requirements of plant photosynthesis.

In the greenhouse, temperature, moisture, fertilizer and other conditions can be well controlled artificially. In terms of lighting conditions, we can also meet the growth requirements of pitaya fruit through the use of plant supplementary light lamps. Adequate light is beneficial to the growth of pitaya, but also improve the quality of the fruit.



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