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Can Chrysanthemum Grow Very Well Without The Use Of Plant Supplementary Light

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Chrysanthemum is the third of China's top ten flowers, one of the four gentleman flowers (plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum), and one of the world's four cut flowers (chrysanthemum, Chinese rose, carnation, gladiolus), with the highest yield. Chrysanthemum is divided into edible chrysanthemum and ornamental chrysanthemum, the role of the two is different, but they belong to the composite plant, the growth of both have strong requirements for light.

Chrysanthemum is a short-day light-loving plant. During the growth period, there should be strong light. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the effect of light on the growth of chrysanthemum when planting. Lack of light may cause mums to grow unefficiently, or affect bud formation and flowering time.

In the cultivation of chrysanthemums, the flowering period can be controlled by the use of plant supplementary lights to make them more ornamental and valuable. For filling light lamp, you can choose to use LED plant filling light lamp, which produces less heat and can contact flowers in close distance, without causing burns. LED supplementary light can also be customized according to the requirements of special spectrum and power requirements of supplementary light, to meet the growth requirements of chrysanthemum in different growth periods.

But in the use of plant supplementary light lamp should pay attention to, must gradually increase, not suddenly change the environment, that will cause plants can not quickly adapt to changes in the environment, resulting in chrysanthemum damage.


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