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Luminaire Illumination Is The Same Place Different Brightness Has Difference

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Illumination is the main function of lamps and lanterns, but you know what? Location is different, the brightness of lamps and lanterns is different!

Bedroom article sweet and comfortable most important

The theme of the bedroom always is given priority to with warmth, rarely when someone can be in overworked one day waiting to fall asleep, still hope to see the bedroom with a colour profusion, enthusiastic atmosphere. At this time, a sense of peace and comfort is most important. Therefore, we should try to avoid dazzling lights or use complex and peculiar lamps and lanterns, but also can not be too dark to create a sense of depression.

Will tell normally, the bedroom should have the lamp of a suspension type to give priority to the lamp, be like the incandescent lamp with long form on housetop installation. To make the light is proper, still can be in the lower part of the lamp pocket on a white light transparent curtain cloth, make intense lamplights become downy, make the room looks full of emotional appeal. Desk lamp is the bedroom indispensable lamps and lanterns. Had better be the adjustable warm light lamp with simple modelling, put in the place that the head of a bed can be tentatively reachable. If be double bed, had better both sides have each, can satisfy two people different requirement already, each other do not hinder each other again.

In addition, if the house space is not very big, the bedroom often holds other functions concurrently, so should design lighting according to the need beforehand, in the key need to increase the place of illumination installed wall lamp or other lamps and lanterns. It is worth noting that the switch of the light should be separately controlled and collected, installed in the door can touch the place, in order to facilitate users in the shortest time to open the light they want to use. In the bedside should also be arranged a group of switches, so that people who like to sleep in bed reading, watching TV before falling asleep, do not have to get up to turn off the lights.

The living room is harmonious and bright

The sitting room is the place that host receives a visitor, here decorate the impression that will give the guest the most intuitionistic, reflect host's identity and accomplishment, because this every detail appears particularly important. The integral harmony that the choice that the lamp acts the role of concerns directly to sitting room space and grade. To reflect beautiful light environment, the illumination of the sitting room should choose the lamps and lanterns with stronger artistic feeling, decorate photograph coordinately indoor.

The most commonly used is droplight. The droplight with bright, luxuriant, luxurious style can reflect host identity already, also can foil warm atmosphere. Still should consider to make auxiliary illumination with wall lamp and stand lamp addiTIONALLY, in order to foil style of lighting of sitting room main body.

If there are pictures and works of art in the living room, you can use spotlights to do projection lighting, so that decorations or murals become a bright spot in the living room; A floor lamp can be placed in sofa edge, chat for close friends to build kind atmosphere; If there is audio-visual equipment such as television, wall lamps can be installed on the side to provide the best appropriate lighting for the family watching TV.

Study piece elegant meaningful suit to think

The environment of the study should be cultured and quiet, concise and lively. Present study besides reading and writing besides, still have the other modernized tool such as computer. Accordingly, the study should have higher illuminance value already, want to have halcyon light environment again.

So, simple main body illumination should be assured inside the study, can use single fork droplight or fluorescent lamp, the position will decide according to the specific case indoors; There should be directional and bright light on the table, incandescent lamp is the most appropriate choice; In addition, a small spotlight can be installed inside the bookcase. This kind of illumination can not only help identify the title of the book, but also keep the temperature and prevent the books from being wet and decaying.

As a job and the place of study, the lamps and lanterns in the study should not be too rich and honour or make public, it had been better with elegance meaningful, in order to create a quiet environment that is needed when reading thinking for the person.

The kitchen is simple and comfortable to enhance enthusiasm

The kitchen is a family "studio", relatively bright scattering lamplight can make the space of the kitchen appears more capacious, neat. Kitchen lighting is also important for the appearance of food. And because people spend a lot of time in the kitchen, the lighting should be pleasant and attractive, which can increase the enthusiasm of making food. General kitchen USES suction top or droplight to make general illumination normally, set in the upper part of work station embedded or half embedded astigmatism model absorb dome light.

Consideration kitchen lampblack and vapor are heavier, compare with the lamps and lanterns of other rooms, the kitchen may often need to be removed and washed, should give priority to as far as possible so with concise, lamps and lanterns material also is beautiful with plastic and glass, in order to go to the mat and clean. If the kitchen holds dining-room concurrently, can set in table upper part single cover single head lifts type or monolayer much fork type droplight. The light source should use warm color incandescent lamp.

Toilet article is downy and easy to move to enjoy the mood

Domestic bathroom is to be in harmony with be in harmony between bath, toilet, although the area is small, but the function is much, the impression that gives a person is damp big dim, reason majority person likes the bathroom to have bright lamplight. But enter bath is to enjoy hallow when, hope lamplight is downy, the lamp that has adjust brightness so suits the bathroom most, bath bully is installed in place of ceiling of bathtub upper part, already illumination, heating can undertake take a breath again. In addition, when upper part of the pool that wash a face is fitted with lens to act the role of, in the one side of the mirror or upper part sets a completely closed cover moistureproof lamps and lanterns, so that comb.

The lamps and lanterns of toilet should have moistureproof and not easy rust function. When using wall lamp, lamps and lanterns should be installed on the metope that is vertical with the curtain, lest show in the window come out shadow. Ceiling lights should not be installed on top of a bathtub that is directly covered by steam. The power of wall lamp or dome lamp is appropriate with 40-60 watts.


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