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You Can Double Your Income By Planting Grapes, Kale And Plant-Supplement Lights In The Greenhouses

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Dongguan Pan American Electronics Co., Ltd. specializes in R&D and production of various kinds of LED grow lights, welcome customers to inquire and negotiate.

Kale is a lovely name. It's one of the most common vegetables we eat. If you're not familiar with this name, you probably know cabbage and cabbage. Because its roots are developed, and can be planted many times a year, high yield, and a variety of practices, so the planting amount is large.

Vegetables to eat in winter are grown in greenhouses, and many users who grow grapes in greenhouses often plant some vegetables under the vines, such as cabbage, cabbage, etc., which can not only ensure the growth of grapes, but also get more profits. But different crops have different requirements for the growing environment, so attention should be paid to the management of growing conditions when planting.
Different plants have different requirements for growth conditions, but the growth of any plant cannot be separated from sufficient sunlight, especially if planted in a greenhouse. Due to the influence of weather and the shielding of greenhouse materials, the sunlight in the greenhouse will not meet the needs of plant photosynthesis, thus affecting the growth of plants.

To sum up, in the greenhouse planting crops, we should remember to fill the light, to meet the requirements of plant growth to light. Plant light supplement lamp is specially developed by people for plant light supplement lamps, it can replace the sunlight to meet the requirements of plant growth on the intensity of light and light time, but also according to the type of plant, customized for plant growth spectrum.

Adequate light can improve the fruit setting rate, enhance the quality and advance the time to market of grapes. Cabbage is also a light-happy vegetable. If the light time is not enough, it is easy to form tall seedlings with yellow leaves at the base and delayed the nodding time. Therefore, when planting grapes and cabbage in greenhouses, we should pay attention to the use of plant supplementary light lamps for supplementary light. Farmers can achieve the effect of killing two birds with one stone, which can not only ensure the growth of grapes, but also get healthy cabbage.


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