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Aging Test Scheme For Led Explosion-Proof Lights

Writer:Jane Time:2021-06-28 Browse:169

1.The necessity of aging test of LED explosion-proof lights:

The long-term aging test of LED explosion-proof lights is a very important test. Through the aging test, the light failure, color temperature change, leakage and other faults that may occur in the long-term use of LED products can be found as early as possible, which is conducive to the stability of product performance. ITECH power supply and aging testing software is mainly used for LED backlight and lighting products aging testing. 

LED explosion-proof light aging test and the result of the use of equipment has a lot to do, aging equipment and LED lighting products, must ensure that in the case of a full heat, aging time, determine the best through aging system monitoring data, the analysis comparison, in order to get the most accurate test data, so as to achieve the purpose of the production and test.

2. LED explosion-proof lighting aging test applied in the power supply and aging system should have the characteristics:

Because the working current of explosion-proof lamp LED light source is very special, it needs a professional test system to get reliable data. In general, the power supply and the aging system used in the aging test of LED explosion-proof lights should have the following characteristics: 

(1)High power ratio CNC DC power supply, with a wide range of voltage and current utilization rate, a wide range of applications;

(2)Can automatically control the voltage and current rate of change, the maximum possible to reduce the cost.


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