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Led Industrial Lighting Demand Growth Fast Explosion-Proof Lamp Into The Sweet Bobo

Writer:Jane Time:2021-07-08 Browse:152

In recent years, due to the increased demand for replacement of LED lamps, governments of various countries also actively support the relevant paste, LED industry lighting has grown rapidly. According to a new research report from TrendForce's LEDINSIDE, the market will be worth $5.204 billion by 2020.

Among them, in industrial lighting applications, due to the replacement demand driven, LED explosion-proof lamp market prospects are promising. LED explosion-proof lamp is used to prevent the ignition of explosive mixture around, such as explosive gas, dust environment, gas gas. The lamps and lanterns are widely used in electrical, dust flammable and explosive special working environment. According to Yingjie Wu, deputy director of research at Ledinside, the explosion-proof lamps have a large market position in mining, petroleum, military, transportation and other industrial sectors, thanks to the promotion of petroleum and related industries.

LED explosion-proof lamps have been used for many years, and various enterprises have mastered more experience in research and development. They have developed generation after generation of products, which basically meet the use requirements of dangerous places. Wu Yingjie pointed out that the LED explosion-proof lamp than the traditional explosion-proof lamp is smaller, lighter, longer life, the price is more moderate, deep user satisfaction. For lighting places in petroleum and petrochemical industries, it is the only way to choose mature LED explosion-proof lamps, such as considering the overall quality, safety performance, cost control and future mercury lamp abolishing regulations.

The protection standard of explosion-proof lamp equipment depends on the environment area. Due to the continuous expansion of international trade exchanges, the electrical explosion-proof technology represented by IEC standard is getting more and more applications in the world. The use and installation of the American electrical equipment shall comply with the requirements of NEC 500 / NEC 505. At the same time, there will be an audit conducted on site by the Authority Having Jurisions (AHJ). Other countries adopt IEC and NEC 500 / NEC 505 as the benchmark, put forward the corresponding equipment protection standards, such as China adopts GB3836 national standard. Wu Yingjie said that because of different national standards and high cost of product certification, only a local factory can provide safe product installation, maintenance and after-sales service.


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