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Explosion-Proof Flashlight - Strong Light Flashlight And Explosion-Proof Flashlight Lithium Battery 18650,26500,26650

Writer:Jane Time:2021-07-12 Browse:178

The battery of strong light flashlight and explosion-proof flashlight is a new model, the battery is not the old 18650 lithium battery, but the design and assembly of a large capacity 26650 lithium battery, this flashlight battery can be installed in the strong light flashlight or explosion-proof flashlight for power supply, due to the large capacity of the battery, So it can provide a strong power supply for explosion-proof flashlights.

According to customer requirements, our company broke the routine this time. By increasing the size of the battery bin of the flashlight, increasing the battery capacity, increasing the continuous lighting time of the flashlight, and in order to better put the lithium battery of the flashlight into the flashlight for power supply, we can take a look at this kind of unconventional flashlight battery.

Common flashlight battery models are numerous: there are ordinary dry battery, 3 battery, 5 battery flashlight battery, 18650 lithium battery, 26500 lithium battery, 26650 lithium battery, etc., but we recommend the use of 26650 lithium battery made of explosion-proof flashlight.

The nominal voltage of the explosion-proof flashlight special battery is 3.7V, the cell model is 26650 power battery, support 3C discharge, lithium battery charge and discharge times can reach 1000 times, the battery capacity can reach 5.5Ah, under the same brightness, the continuous power supply time is 2.5 times of the conventional 18650, the flashlight battery power supply board adopts the circular plate contact design, The positive and negative electrodes in the flashlight respectively contact the positive and negative electrodes of the lithium battery for power supply.


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