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What Is The Flashing Of The Led Track Light

Writer:Jane Time:2021-07-13 Browse:147

The structure of LED track light determines its common use in lighting places such as clothing store, furniture store, museum and so on. LED track light once became one of the important lamps in the key lighting category. LED track light is sensitive to use and easy to install, but there will be some problems in the process of use.

Under normal conditions, there are four possibilities for the formation of LED track light flashing or on and off:

1. LED lamp bead does not match with LED driving power supply, normal single foot 1W lamp bead accepts current: 280-300mA, voltage: 3.0-3.4V, if the lamp chip is not sufficient power will form the light source strobe phenomenon, the current is too high the lamp can not accept one on one off, serious phenomenon will bead built-in gold wire or copper wire burn off, cause the lamp bead not bright.

2. It may be that the driving power supply is broken. Just change another good driving power supply and it will not flash.

3. If the drive has a temperature maintenance function, and the heat dissipation performance of the lamp material can not reach the request, the drive temperature maintenance beginning work will have a flash off phenomenon, such as: 20WLED rail light shell used to assemble 30W lamps, the heat dissipation work is not done so.

4. If it is in a humid environment, there is a strobe phenomenon, it is the LED track light water, the formation of short circuit phenomenon. The result is a twinkle, twinkle and go out. The lamp bead and the drive are broken. If the waterproof drive is good, it is just the broken lamp bead and the light source can be changed.


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