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Daily Maintenance Of Explosion-Proof Flashlight Explosion-Proof Lithium Battery

Writer:Jane Time:2021-07-16 Browse:188

Explosion-proof flashlight, explosion-proof performance of lithium ion battery use time explosion-proof flashlight lighting, so a good explosion-proof high-end lithium battery flashlight is crucial, as a good horse with a good saddle point. Lithium ion battery cathode materials usually have lithium active compounds, cathode is a special molecular structure of carbon. The main component of the LiCoO2 common cathode material, when charged, plus the battery's bipolar compounds release the potential force of the lithium ion anode, embedded with the negative molecular arrangement of the layered structure of carbon. During discharge, the lithium ions precipitate from the lamellar structure of the carbon and are again bound to the anodic compound. The movement of lithium ions generates electricity.

The anode material requires many times the activity of additive inflation, and the cathode material structure is designed at the molecular level to accommodate more lithium ions; Filling is between cathode electrolyte, in addition to stability, also need to have good conductivity, reduce the battery internal resistance.

Overcharging and discharging cause permanent damage to the electrode of the lithium ion battery to the molecular level. It can be intuitively understood that the anode carbon emission will lead to the excessive release of lithium ions and the collapse of the layer structure. Overcharging will hard pack too many lithium ions into the structure of the cathode carbon, and make some lithium ions can no longer be released. That's why it's often equipped with a lithium-ion battery charge and discharge control circuit.

So you don't need to be intentional in the process of using it to ensure every charge; After a while do a protection circuit under the control of the deep inflation of the correct battery power supply, but will not improve your battery's actual capacity. The battery should not be used for a long period of time and should be kept in a cool place to reduce the speed of its internal passivation reaction. The protection circuit can not monitor the self-discharge of the battery, do not use the battery for a long time, should be filled with certain power, to prevent the damage caused by the battery self-discharge too much excessive emissions.


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