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Where Is The Difference Between Explosion Proof Flashlight And Strong Light Flashlight

Writer:Jane Time:2021-07-19 Browse:189

Explosion-proof flashlight strong light flashlight in the use of the process with usually strong light has the same function, explosion-proof flashlight is used to provide lighting. Explosion-proof strong light flashlight is mostly used in explosion-proof places, which also arrives at a certain explosion-proof request, usually explosion-proof strong light flashlight to arrive at the request is:
1. Waterproof: in the pipeline maintenance needs to avoid the explosion-proof flashlight falling in the water, explosion-proof flashlight even fell in the water, it does not affect the maintenance of the operation

2. Explosion-proof request: into some explosion-proof places, explosion-proof flashlight brought into the items is extremely strict. Usually brought into the product request to arrive at a certain explosion-proof request. Then you can enter,

3. Explosion-proof structure: explosion-proof light flashlight and strong light flashlight, usually the first is whether explosion-proof, can reach the explosion-proof request, that must be the biggest difference is that the structure of the flashlight is reached a torch spark reach, which happen in the environment, flameproof explosion-proof light flashlight can make sparks inside see inside.

Strong light flashlight:
1. Waterproof: there are some usually strong light flashlight has a certain waterproof.

2. Now produced by the usually strong light flashlight is usually used for 4 hours, the battery is the first, the discharge current is usually at the mercy of 700.

Summary: explosion-proof strong light flashlight and usually strong light flashlight difference lies in its own design structure is not able to reach a certain explosion-proof request.


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