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Led Fluorescent Tube t8 To t5 Brings Benefits

Writer:Jane Time:2021-07-29 Browse:187

As we all know, due to the LED fluorescent lamp to be equipped with power supply, too thin T5 is difficult to install power supply at present, can use T8led fluorescent tube to replace T5 fluorescent tube, the specific approach is as follows: T8 lamp cap, also called plug, to replace T5 needle, there is already such a lamp cap to replace T5 lamp directly. Many places, such as office grille lights, can be replaced without changing the wiring

The advantages are :

1. Direct replacement, retain the original light frame

2. The diameter of t8 tube, luminous area and Angle are increased
3.There is no need to change the circuit.
4. After the pipe is thickened, the internal power supply is contained
5. The price of T8 is relatively cheap because of the mass production
6. Save a lot of labor
7. Energy saving effect is obvious, up to 70%
8. Do not have to use integrated LED fluorescent lamp scheme, more than a choice


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