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How To Use LED Grow Lights In Greenhouses

Writer:Jane Time:2021-06-23 Browse:195

Q: How to use LED grow lights in greenhouses?

A: When A large area of plants fill in light, the ultimate goal is to ensure uniform illumination and the most efficient use of light, so as to achieve the highest light filling efficiency.

Attention should be paid to the use of LED grow lights in greenhouse planting:

(1) Control the illumination distance of LED grow light: the distance is too close and the light is too strong, so the plant can not reach the maximum efficiency utilization; The distance is too far, the light that the plant can absorb is limited, will lead to insufficient illumination, the plant can not grow normally, deviated from the purpose of using the plant lamp to fill the light for the plant;

(2) control LED grow light spacing: spacing is too narrow, adjacent light overlap light is too strong, plants can not all use is equal to a waste of resources; The distance is too wide, and the light where the adjacent light overlaps is too weak or almost no light, which can not meet the needs of plant growth;

(3) When choosing plant lights, LED grow lights should be selected according to the characteristics of the plants planted. The ratio of lamp beads, power, light flux, PAR value and so on should be considered.

(4) in addition to the LED grow light itself should pay attention to matters, but also do a good job of plant growth in other aspects of supply measures, in order to achieve the best supplementing light effect to help plants grow fast and high quality. Such as: moisture, inorganic salts, other nutrients, temperature, air composition, carbon dioxide concentration, etc.

In short, to grow plants well and profitably, we should integrate plant growth itself with other artificial methods to reduce cost and increase yield and quality.


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