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LED Explosion-Proof Light COB Light Source Is Caused By What

Writer:Jane Time:2021-06-24 Browse:175

Q: LED explosion-proof light COB light source is caused by what?

A: The COB light source consists of multiple chips directly wired onto PCB substrate, and the electrical connection between the chip and the substrate is realized by lead suture method. The surface layer structure of COB light source substrate includes an insulating layer, copper foil, ultra-bright high-temperature insulating ink (the surface is bright and white), and copper foil is used for the layout and arrangement of hybrid lines.

High-power integrated COB light source is suitable for explosion-proof lights. As a manufacturer of LED explosion-proof lights, we analyze the cause of the death of COB explosion-proof lights. The core of the dead light of COB light source is the circuit disconnection, which is related to the following factors:

1. PCB substrate surface layer copper foil wiring process into the dust particles, resulting in open circuit

2. The gold solder spot on the surface is oxidized

3. There are aluminum scraps on the surface, which can be welded directly without being cleaned

4. The lead is broken

5. The chip itself has a quality problem

Therefore, in order to make the COB explosion-proof light immortal, the above 5 details can be well controlled, which can greatly increase the reliability of COB lights.


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