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The Oil And Gas Industry

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classic case

Extract, transport, store and refine oil and gas under extremely harsh conditions. Equipment approved for use in hazardous areas is regulated by several certification bodies. For example, in North America, in general, UL (Underwriter Laboratories) provides standards, testing and certification in the country. Recently, UL has all the procedures in place to enable certification to be valid in the country. Government regulations that increase worker safety are a strong strength for us. We have passed UL test for explosion-proof lighting.

To reduce the risk of combustion at the refinery, we provide Level 1 (C1D1) and Class 1 (C1D2) approved rating fixtures within the facility. In addition, we have designed fixtures for refineries with advanced features such as water resistance and corrosion resistance. This involves frequent exposure to abrasive cleaning solutions. Constant exposure to corrosion resistant agents and water and corrosive agents may cause lamp failure. This can lead to serious safety hazards specifically used on workers.


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