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Mining Operation

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classic case

Mine work usually stops in the open or underground. The unpredictable and unstable working environment of mining is determined by the variable climate, which is particularly susceptible to vibration, shock, dust or corrosion conditions. Therefore, the working conditions of ordinary mining are poor and safety is poor. It is not easy to realize comprehensive mechanization and automation. Therefore, the lighting tool needs to have high corrosion resistance, stability and high standard of brightness and time, which can cope with the dark and non-negligible environment of underground syncope. Whether it's the condition, Venas's light representation, putting the light where it needs to be at night whether it's the night or the eternal night operation.

Regardless of the conditions, the Pan American light show, the lights need to be lit at night, whether it is nighttime or eternal night operation, the lights will be in place for work efficiency and the protection of miners. We have advanced LED cap lamp type, made of LED light emitting device and lithium battery. The 1PC Cree LED serves as the intermediate light and the 2PC serves as the auxiliary light. 25000LUX super bright, 25000LUX output. It has a low power indicator to remind the user to recharge it when the power supply is low. It features rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and advanced LED technology, bulletproof PC housing and toughened glass lens. The first use of integrated structure, more convenient to use, with IP68 waterproof, WF2 corrosion. We also have ATEX and CE certification. Light weight per weight of 220 grams, easy to carry.


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