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Petrol Station

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customer case

Case Challenge


Actually, the Petrol Station is quite hazardous location, where the LED fixtures applied there have to be quite safe, or if there is unexpected thing happening, huge loss will be caused and even somebody might die for it. Also, So this Petrol Station needed high wattage lights to offer bright light, which means that we has to pick the most high-efficient and durable outside commercial fixtures.

Our Solution


LED Canopy fixture from pan american is a ceiling mount fixture for general lighting applications, such as the Gas Station, loading, docks and parking garages. Our canopy can produce 12000 lumens of 5000K cool white light with only 100 watts, which is designed for easy installation and low maintenance. Using our canopy will reduce energy usage by up to 50% and require virtually no maintenance for up to 10 years compared to the traditional fixtures. Also Our Canopy successfully eliminated the rising concern that replacement lamps and other repair parts wouldn't be available in the near future for their traditional lights.



The Canopy of pan american successfully improved the safety of personnel working on the Gas Station. Venas provided fixtures with superior illumination quality for our customer. The customer is happy with the safety and operational conditions that resulted from the upgrade and plans to utilize LED for future equipment lighting.


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