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LED Grow Light In Solar Greenhouse Of Beijing Green Rich Farmers Base

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Beijing shunyi green rich farmers base solar greenhouse is subordinate to Beijing agricultural technology extension station key construction of one of the tomato high yield demonstration areas. The greenhouse of green rich farmers is a solar greenhouse, which is planted in an east-west direction. As winter light is weak and there is a big difference between north and south plants, the Green Farming Base hopes to find an economical and practical light solution to solve this problem, so as to obtain more objective experimental data and promote the effective planting mode.

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Since the green rich farmers base solar greenhouse is for the purpose of scientific research, the consistency of the external environment is very important to obtain objective scientific research data. The east-west planting of tomato greenhouse is easy to cause the difference of illumination between plants in the north-south planting row, so supplementary light lamp is needed to adjust. Moreover, weak light is one of the important factors limiting the production of winter crop vegetables in solar greenhouse. The lack of light had a great impact on the tomato production in the demonstration site of green rich farmers in Shunyi, especially some plants in the northern part of the greenhouse had the symptoms of short size, yellowing of leaves, falling flowers and so on after continuous cloudy days. It is urgent to find a suitable scheme to improve the photosynthetic rate and ensure the smooth progress of production experiment.

customer casecustomer case

customer case

Proper lighting
In the case of tight time, the plant specialists of Pan American and Bergson (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd worked together, and the field investigation and final plan were finalized in just 10 days. At the beginning of January, a tailor-made lighting scheme was provided for the tomato soilless cultivation greenhouse of Lvkongnong Base, and the installation was completed quickly. It was through communication with plant specialists and distributors that Shunyi Green Rich Farmers quickly established confidence in the product and decided to adopt the program directly for plants in urgent need of remediation. After more than two months of use, Pan American's LED Grow Light provides a large amount of Light to the tomato plants that are otherwise underlit, increasing the photosynthetic rate.


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