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Guangzhou R&F Stadium -- High Power Grow Light

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customer case

Location: Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

Client type: Football club
Project scale: a football field area of 7140m² lawn lighting
Project implementation plan: hoisting and installation of 600W high power grow light

Why do customers choose us
LED can be used in all four seasons without heating. Compared with traditional lamps, it has better effect and wider application conditions. Pan American has a professional LED grow light laboratory, which has a special growth experiment and spectral ratio of grass plants. With the support of professional research data, product quality and light filling effect are guaranteed.
customer case
Why recommend this lamp
600 w products with high luminous efficiency, low fever, low light decline, and the advantages of long service life, high PPFD, and powerful laboratory research to argue that unique formula full spectrum light is beneficial to the lawn grows, it looks like the fill light effect can achieve uniform, feel is tight closely, a hard, strong resistance to trample the recovery ability is strong, its growth effect is suitable for field environment.

customer case

customer case

Before The Fill Light

customer case

After The Fill Ligh

customer case

When The Project Is Complete

600W grow light

It has the most appropriate and accurate spectral ratio for different varieties, and the planting effect is good.

customer case


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