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Pan American LED Grow Light Has Been Successfully Applied To Tea Tree Breeding

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Tea Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Zhejiang, China

Pan American LED Grow Light

The Tea Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) is the only national comprehensive tea research institution in China, located in West Lake Scenic Area, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. It is a national tea science and technology research center with complete disciplines, strong technical force and perfect research facilities. The Research Center for Tea Tree Resources and Improvement is one of the important business departments of the tea institute. Its research scope covers the fields of germplasm resources, genetic improvement, molecular biology, biotechnology, and new technology research and development of seed and seedling breeding, etc.
Pan American LED Grow Light
In order to meet the needs of tea breeding, researchers plant tea trees indoors to create the light and temperature environment needed for the growth and development of tea trees, so as to conduct directional breeding research. Cold resistance breeding of tea tree is one of the research topics of tea breeding improvement. Tea cultivation in artificial indoor climate (pot), if considering the use of high pressure sodium lamp, its heat dissipation is not good, often use low temperature processing conditions, and cold resistance breeding of high pressure sodium lamp high heat just brought difficulties to the set of test conditions, increasing the cooling cost, or can not reach the required temperature conditions. In addition, the illumination of high pressure sodium lamp is mainly yellow light, lack of necessary red light and other main spectrum effective for plant growth and development, so the light efficiency is low. Furthermore, the high pressure sodium lamp consumes a lot of power, which also increases the operating cost of the laboratory. In order to obtain the ideal light and temperature environment for cold resistance breeding of tea trees, researchers of the Tea Institute decided to use LED light source to plant tea trees in the cultivation room.

"The light solution brought by Pan American LED plant lighting solves the contradiction between light intensity and temperature. The use of LEDs provides an ideal light and temperature environment, reduces operating costs and well meets the needs of our scientific research work."

-- Scientist of Tea Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences


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