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LED Plant Growth Light For Inducing Photoperiod And Photomorphogenesis Of Plants

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Pan American LED Plant Growth Light

Study on LED Application in Indoor Plant Planting and Growing Facilities Cultivation:

In recent ten years, the area of protected horticulture in China has developed rapidly, and the lighting technology of light environment control for plant growth has attracted much attention. The lighting technology of facility horticulture is mainly used in two aspects:

 1. It can be used as supplementary illumination for plant photosynthesis when the amount of sunshine is less or the sunshine time is short; 

 2. Induction illumination as photoperiod and photomorphogenesis of plants.

(1)Traditional artificial light source generates too much heat. If LED is used for supplementary lighting and hydroponic system, air can be recycled, excessive heat and water can be removed, and electric energy can be effectively converted into effective photosynthetic radiation, and finally converted into plant matter. The research shows that the growth rate and photosynthetic rate of lettuce can be increased by more than 20% by using LED lighting, and it is feasible to use LED in plant factory.

The results showed that, compared with the fluorescent lamp, the mixed wavelength LED light can significantly promote the growth and development of spinach, radish and lettuce, and improve the morphological indexes. It can maximize the bioaccumulation of beet, betaine accumulation is the most significant in hair roots, and sugar and starch accumulation is the highest in hair roots. Compared with the metal halide lamp, the anatomical morphology of the stems and leaves of the pepper and Perilla plants growing under the corresponding wavelength LED changed significantly, and the photosynthetic rate of the plants increased with the increase of optical density. The combined wavelength LED could lead to the increase of stomatal number in both marigold and sage.

(2) LED as a plant photoperiod, light form of the induction of lighting
The flowering time, quality and flowering duration of plants can be affected by the specific wavelength of LED. Some wavelengths of LEDs can increase the number of flower buds and flowering: Some wavelengths of LEDs can reduce the response to flower formation, regulate the length of pedicel and flowering period, and facilitate the production and marketing of cut flowers. Thus, the flowering and subsequent growth of plants can be regulated by LED regulation.

Pan American LED Plant Growth Light


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