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Plant Growth Lamp And Artificial Light Supplement Solve The Problem Of Indoor Flower Strawberry Medicinal Plant Planting

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Pan American LED Grow Light

For indoor planting of flowers, vegetables and strawberries, the main problem to be considered is insufficient illumination. Therefore, if indoor planting is to be carried out, artificial light must be supplemented. At present, indoor planting uses plant lamps to replace most or even all sunlight to provide illumination for plant growth.

LED plant growth lamp is mainly divided into LED lamp and fluorescent lamp two forms.

Plant growth lamps in the form of LEDs typically use a specific proportion of red and blue light. With the development of LED technology, high luminous efficiency can be achieved. The luminous efficiency of the red LED and the blue LED used in the plant growth lamp can meet the illumination requirements required by the photosynthesis of plants, and the corresponding red-blue ratio can be customized according to the growth requirements of different plants. It is several times more efficient than fluorescent lamps, and at the same time it is more energy efficient and reduces operating costs. The production cost and after-sale cost of LED plant growth lamp are much lower than traditional fluorescent lamp and high pressure sodium lamp.

Plant lamps used to replace sunlight to provide light for plant growth are now mature, while traditional fluorescent lamps and high pressure sodium lamps will become a thing of the past.

The purpose of supplementing light in vegetable greenhouses or flower greenhouses with lower power is to influence the circadian rhythm of plants, control the growth state, promote the differentiation of flower buds and adjust the flowering time by prolonging the illumination time. The intensity of light required is much lower than that needed to sustain growth and photosynthesis, so the effect can be achieved with a lower power of light.


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