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Half Year Comparison Test Of Red And Blue Light Of Succulent And Full Spectrum LED Light

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Pan American Grow Light

1. LED grow light:

(1) Full spectrum light (the first from the left of the above figure) : power 9W, 30 degrees of focus, price 100.

(2) Red and blue light (second from left above) : power 9W, 7 red and 2 blue, price 70.

2. Opening time: 9 am to 5 PM, 8 hours per day.

3. the plant tested: Huang Li Xiao Miao, a leaf birth triplets.

4. plant growth spot brightness: 20000LUX.

5. Container planting material: glass without hole, half of peat grain planting material.

6. Environment: Shenzhen high-rise indoor, near northwest bay window, ventilation all day long, 30 degrees in summer and 20 degrees in winter, medium and high humidity all year round, natural light 1500lux-2000lux.

Test photography started in June:
Pan American Grow Light
Photo taken after half a year:
Pan American Grow Light
LED lamp plant brightness and power measurement (15cm under the lamp test) :

Full spectrum:

Pan American Grow Light

Pan American Grow Light

Red and blue light:

Pan American Grow Light

Pan American Grow Light

Natural light is:
Pan American Grow Light
Brightness contrast chart:
Pan American Grow Light
Test summary: Both of the two supplementary lights have certain effect on the fleshy. Compared with the red and blue lights, they have advantages in terms of supplementary light effect, price and power consumption. The biggest advantage of the full spectrum lies in the visual effect. However, due to limited funds and venues, it is not possible to conduct comprehensive tests on LED lamp types, types of succulents, various environments and time brightness, so this test is only for preliminary reference.

The above are the causes and consequences of doing this test, and let me tell you the details of the test:

1. why to measure these two kinds of grow light? One is LED energy saving (this is very important for the average person), the second is the highest sales LED lights on the two, in fact I started is a tendency all over the spectrum, no other reasons, in terms of market amateur players will only buy a look pleasing to the eye, the test results to see full spectrum is marginal, but to increase power), the downside is that it costs too much, Most of the cost of the system goes on lights, and few people are likely to buy the hundreds of smart planters.

2. why test Huang Li? There are three reasons, one is Huang Li leather, will not be tested to half of the first hung up. Second, Huang Li is easy to long down, so that better contrast effect. Third, Huang Li is the first meat I bought, always a little emotional.

3. why crooked neck? Because the light is too bright underneath, so the position is a little bit off, because the phototropism will be tilted towards the bottom.

4.why fill the light will also act? In summer, when the temperature was too high, they didn't dare to water it, and the leaves in the middle were mostly dead, so it looked a little clumsy.

Why not add a balcony under the sun contrast? Really sorry, the same batch of huang li balcony has a big basin, but because the water is too much to do (about 10cm high, leaf fat thin green), a few days ago the whole balcony was thrown by his wife.

6.The irradiation distance of the red and blue lights is measured. 30cm is 2000Lux, 50cm is 10000Lux, and 1m is 3000Lux.

7.the distance is too close to the next flower has an impact, 15cm radius of 10cm has no impact.


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