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What You Need To Know About Fillers When Growing Cliffia

Writer:Jane Time:2021-06-23 Browse:167

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Clivia is a flower that is easy to feed, but whether it is grown at home or in a breeding shed, in order to grow well, in addition to paying attention to temperature and moisture to control, light should also be strictly controlled.

Dark light, no light and direct light are all unfavorable to the growth of clipsia, and lack of sunlight, especially in the dark environment without light, the growth is inhibited or poor; The sunlight is too strong direct sunlight, will lead to clippetorchid burn or "sunburn". However, under scattered light, clipsia thrives well with green leaves, bright leaves and normal plant growth. Therefore, clipsia thrives in the best growth environment with astigmatism.

Winter indoor natural light is insufficient, light is too weak, especially the shade is too dark indoor, often appear leaf color yellowing phenomenon. In autumn and winter, orchids raised in greenhouses also get too little light for a variety of reasons. In this case, we can only use the plant supplementary light lamp to ensure the sunshine supply for the growth of cliffsia.

LED light filling lamp is most suitable for filling light for flowers and green plants, with a variety of spectra, fast heat dissipation, close contact with flowers, less space occupied, and a good guarantee of the required illumination intensity and illumination time. Light due to the lighting of the LED light for any flowers and plants can fill the light, with bright colors, prolong the effect of flowering. (Content from the network, if infringement, please contact delete)


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