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How Can Greenhouse Cherries Improve The Utilization Rate Of Light And Have Better Supplemental Effect

Writer:Jane Time:2021-06-23 Browse:140

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Cherry is expensive, but still can not stop the love of many people, it is not only sweet and sour, but also high nutritional value, suitable for both young and old, many pregnant women are also very like to eat, for pregnant women and the development of the fetus have great benefits. Recently, the price of cherries has been falling, which is good news for people who like to eat cherries.

Because of the large market for cherries, there are more and more cherry growers. Due to the strong light - loving nature of cherry, light time and light intensity can not meet the requirements, will shorten the life of fruit branches, less fruit setting, poor quality, late maturity. So many greenhouses grow cherries, often through the treatment of branches and the use of reflective film to increase the absorption and use of light. But if it is cloudy for a long time without light, you need to use a plant light filling lamp to fill the light.

Plant supplementary light lamp can meet the light requirements of cherry growth by artificially regulating the light time and light intensity, which has a good effect on cherry seedling and growth. The use of plant light filling lamp to light up cherries can not only achieve the effect of increasing yield, but also improve the quality and sweetness of cherries. (Content from the network, if infringement, please contact delete)


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