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Maintenance Precautions For Explosion-Proof Electrical Products

Writer:Jane Time:2021-06-24 Browse:171

1. In principle, the maintenance of explosion-proof electric should be carried out by the manufacturer of the product. If the use of units to repair explosion-proof lights, LED explosion-proof lights, LED mine lights and other explosion-proof electrical products, it is recommended to obtain the consent of the product manufacturer before maintenance. The maintenance party shall assume the relevant responsibilities after the product is repaired.

2. The maintenance of explosion-proof electrical equipment should be checked and maintained by professionals who are familiar with explosion-proof electrical knowledge.

3. The maintenance unit shall have the maintenance equipment and necessary inspection and test equipment.

4. explosion-proof electrical equipment maintenance plan should be developed, regular inspection and maintenance of explosion-proof electrical equipment.

5. The maintenance of explosion-proof electrical equipment must be carried out according to the requirements of GB3836.13-1997. After the maintenance of explosion-proof equipment, the explosion-proof parameters should be measured and tested to meet the requirements of the explosion-proof type standard in GB3836.

6. After maintenance, the equipment should be inspected and qualified before it can be put into use.


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