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What Are The Advantages And Relevant Knowledge Of LED Explosion-Proof Lamps

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Pan American Explosion Proof Light

Explosion-proof lamps and lanterns refer to the lamps and lanterns with various specific measures taken to prevent the ignition of explosive mixtures around such as explosive gas environment, explosive dust environment, gas gas and so on. One of the most important explosion-proof principles of explosion-proof lamps is to limit the temperature of the surface of the shell, the surface of the parts or the surface of the electronic components in contact with explosive gas and explosive dust, and to limit the temperature of the electrical contact surface below the minimum ignition temperature or ignition temperature.

Because LED belongs to solid-state cold light source, it has the advantages of high electro-optical conversion efficiency, low heat, low power consumption, safe low voltage, long service life and so on. Therefore, high-power white LED is a very ideal electric light source for explosion-proof lamps, especially portable explosion-proof lamps.

LED explosion-proof lamps, belongs to a kind of special industry with electrical equipment, mainly solve the problem of lighting, it includes the chimney of lamp shell, set up in the front lamp shell, set up on the inside of the lamp shell light and battery, the Settings to switch on the surface of the lamp shell, whose character is: the luminous body for high power LED modules, between the light and the battery has a wide input voltage driving circuit; The wide voltage input drive circuit includes a constant current chip, the constant current chip and the battery form a power module, the LED module is connected to the constant current chip, the power module and the LED module are glued together; Ultrasonic welding is used between the lampshade and the lamp shell.

It makes use of the characteristics of low calorific value of LED to achieve intrinsic safety level explosion-proof, and the LED light source has a long life; The LED maintains constant brightness at the end of the battery charge and discharge; The heat dissipation device on the lamp shell can realize the effective heat dissipation of LED module and ensure the use stability. It is suitable for lighting in various industries such as coal mine, oil, railway, flood control and so on.


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