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Me-8043s Portable Explosion-Proof Flashlight, a Explosion-Proof Flashlight To Meet The Explosion-Proof And Intrinsically Safe Two Explosion-Proof Types

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SME-8043S portable explosion-proof flashlight is a flashlight that can meet the requirements of explosion-proof and intrinsically safe, and can be used safely in flammable and explosive places.

SME-8043S portable explosion-proof flashlight selection of high hardness engineering plastic shell, integrated design. Can resist strong impact and collision, waterproof, high temperature and low temperature, high humidity performance is good, can be used safely in humidity, dust and other bad weather conditions.

Dongguan Pan American electronics Co., Ltd. Production of the material is very exquisite, explosion-proof torch international brand of LED light source, high energy lithium battery, no memory, such as high hardness of toughened glass lenses in the process of research and development, manufacture, we always adhere to the principle of high standard quality, ensure the explosion-proof torch in electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, military and industrial and mining enterprises and other special areas of lighting.

At the same time, SME-8043S portable explosion-proof flashlight is an intelligent flashlight. It can quickly convert three modes of working light, strong light and frequency flash. The remaining power can be determined by the color of the switch button.

SME-8043S portable explosion-proof flashlight
1. When using, gently press the switch to turn on strong light for the first time, turn on weak light for the second time, and turn off it for the third time. If the switch is held for about 2 seconds in the static state, the frequency flash function will be entered.

2. If you need to test the battery power: Hold the switch for about 2 seconds between weak light, bright light flash 5 times said 100% electricity, light flashing 4 times 80% 60% electricity power flash 3 times (light green), 40% blink twice (light red), light flash 5 times the following said 20% (light red stroboscopic) as the lamp need to recharge the rear can normal use.

3. After the first few times of use, the charging time is 5 ~ 6 hours, after the normal charging time can be supplemented in time, to ensure that the battery is often in a state of full power; Once fully charged, it can be used at any time within 90 days. If not placed for a long time, it should be charged for about 5 hours before use.

4. in use, if the power is about to run out, the main light strobe five times, the brightness of the light will be significantly dimmed, the switch indicator light will show red and into the frequency flash state, about 10 minutes after the automatic cut off the power, at this time should stop using and charge in time.

5. There is a charging jack at the end of the flashlight. When charging, just unscrew the tail cover and insert the output plug of the charger into the charging socket. The red light is on to indicate that it is charging, and the switch from red to green indicates that it is fully charged.


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