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Explosion-Proof Flashlight Structure Heat Dissipation Relationship Between Good And Bad

Writer:Jane Time:2021-07-12 Browse:197

Two explosion-proof flashlight with the same lumen, the cylinder body has a large amount of heat, the cylinder body has a small amount of heat, which heat dissipation is better? Why is that? If the cruising time is the same which is good? If the cruising time is different, what can we do?

This is a seemingly simple problem, but a little thought, you will find that the problem is not so simple, this is a very consideration of explosion-proof flashlight design.

Assume that the light flux of two explosion-proof flashlights is the same and the body quality of the cylinder is the same. On the surface, it seems that the temperature of the cylinder body is lower after lighting, but in fact it is not so. It may also be that the design of the cylinder body is not good, and the heat can not come out in the cylinder body, which is a very dangerous thing.

A well-designed flashlight with a canister body will rise rapidly to a constant temperature after it is lit. And the design of the poor explosion-proof flashlight, after lighting a short time tube temperature is not hot, because of the heat conduction is not good, but the heat in the tube body savings to a certain extent, explosion-proof flashlight tube temperature will be very high, even hot.

Poor thermal conductivity will seriously affect the performance and life of lamp beads and circuits.

In addition to the design of the tube, the heat is also related to the light efficiency and circuit design of the lamp post.

Light efficiency: the ratio of the total luminous flux emitted by the light source to the electric power consumed by the light source (watt) is called the light efficiency of the light source.

That is, a light-efficiency flashlight, which uses more of its power to emit light than to generate heat. For the same lumen (light flux), a less efficient explosion-proof flashlight will use more electrical energy to generate heat, and the more heat it will emit.

High light efficiency, good circuit design, the same battery, explosion-proof flashlight cruise time is long, on the contrary, the time is broken.

Some explosion-proof flashlight is called large lumen, but the actual light effect is very poor, all by increasing the current, most of the electric energy for heating. High good point + overheating, the actual rated luminous flux can only hold for 10 minutes. Thus, the curve reduction method is adopted to maintain a higher lumen value and a longer cruise time. The figure is very good, but it is actually very cratered.

To measure a flashlight, we should measure it from the aspects of spot, flux, cruise time, heat, portability and operating performance.


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