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What Is The Use Of Explosion-Proof Flashlight?

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Explosion-proof flashlight is widely used. With its common explosion-proof advantages, it plays a more and more important role in chemical industry and other occupations with gas environment. In some harsh environment contrast, the effect of explosion-proof flashlight is highlighted. Explosion-proof flashlight waterproof drop full sealing planning, high hardness alloy shell, and fall resistance to 10 meters height does not affect the function, high and low temperature resistance, high humidity performance is good.

Explosion-proof flashlight is a new kind of lighting with light emitting diode as the light source. It has the advantages of energy saving, durability and strong brightness. There are explosion-proof symbols cast in obvious directions on the shell. The explosion-proof symbol usually used, ExdIIBT4 GB, will satisfy the request. If there is hydrogen, acetylene, carbon disulfide, it is necessary to choose the explosion-proof symbol for EXDIICT.

What's the difference between an explosion-proof flashlight and a regular flashlight
Usually strong light flashlight can use the local explosion-proof flashlight can be used, and explosion-proof flashlight is usually used in the environment of strong light flashlight can not be used. This is where the most critical direct difference is made.

Explosion-proof lamp refers to the risk of the existence of combustible gas and dust, can avoid the internal lamp may occur in the arc, spark and high temperature ignition of the surrounding environment of combustible gas and dust, and then reach the explosion-proof request of the lamp. Different combustible gas mixture environment for explosion-proof lamp explosion-proof grade and explosion-proof method have different requirements. Widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, aerospace, military industry, ships, coal, tobacco, wine and other professions

Explosion-proof lamps are usually used in oil depots, liquefied natural gas, natural gas stations and warehouses with flammable and explosive items, processing occasions, etc., and their intention is to avoid lighting and detonation after the bulb burst. Transformer room usually don't need use explosion-proof lamp, practice also needs according to specific circumstances, such as the transformer room inside if hit store flammable and explosive items (under normal circumstances is not allowed) there may be close to the building and equipment check flammable and explosive (especially easy to volatile combustible gas), it would have been necessary to set the lamp.

Explosion-proof principle of explosion-proof flashlight
The original explosion-proof lamp is not the bulb explosion-proof, the bulb is still the usual bulb, whether incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamp, electroless lamp or LED lamp are only the light source, they themselves are not explosion-proof, but to give them an explosion-proof lamp shell, and connect the method of thread knob type. The explosion-proof lamp is to obstruct the internal arc, spark and high temperature that may occur, and then reach the explosion-proof effect.

How to choose explosion-proof flashlight
Explosion-proof look means explosion-proof explosion, so we should choose explosion-proof flashlight must pass the explosion-proof safety certification. It can be used normally in various flammable and explosive situations. Demand manufacturers supply explosion-proof certificate. Other aspects can be selected from the price accounting, the use of requests and other different aspects.


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