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Domestic Flashlight Purchase Strategy

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With the development of flashlight technology, household flashlight has the characteristics of long life, reliable durability and low maintenance cost. Constant pressure drive is adopted to ensure the brightness of the flash flashlight and the reliability, life and light decline of the LED flashlight. The low cost, high reliability drive circuit is the key to ensure the continuous brightness of the super flashlight, so we need to be careful to choose a home flashlight.

Selected material:
If you want to pick a good flashlight, the first thing to do is to choose the material of the flashlight.

Tube body quality: flashlight tube plastic material is not durable, stainless steel is strong and durable, but stainless steel is also easy to be oxidized after long-term use, causing the problem of normal use of flashlight. So recommend everyone choose and buy to use titanium alloy or high strength carbon for tube body quality flashlight.

Lens material is qualitative: had better choose material to pledge to be glass of high intensity optics or polycarbonate material, not only be permeable sex is good, and shockproof fight to throw not easy wear and tear. Do not choose ordinary glass or plexiglass lens material, ordinary glass is fragile, plexiglass is not wear-resistant.

Reflector Cup Material: Make sure it's made of metal first. Because metal is better at resisting high temperatures. In addition, in order to ensure that the reflective performance is more guaranteed, we should observe the smoothness of the reflective cup, and do not buy the scratches and spots on the surface.

Check the process:
First of all, the barrel body should be neat, meticulous, well-made, no solder joints and gaps, which is essential to ensure the moisture-proof performance of the torch. Secondly, the barrel body should have anti-skid ginning, and the process should be exquisite. The third is the lamp cap and tube connection should be sealed ring, of course, this is also in the consideration of moistureproof.

Bian light source:
The most common sources of flashlight are light bulbs and LEDs. The household choice of LED light source can be, the advantage of LED is power saving, long service life, will not emit too much heat energy to produce "hot" phenomenon.

See the brightness:
If it is only used indoors at home, a power 1W LED flashlight is enough, not rechargeable AA battery, with a small power point, the current of the LED end is generally below 300mA, the power is below 1W. If it will occasionally be used outdoors, it is not recommended to use a dry battery flashlight. It is best to use 18650 cylinder, the current reaches 750mA, and the power consumption of LED reaches about 3W.

Points to note when using flashlight:
1. Do not connect the contact point privately and do not use the battery for other purposes other than the LED flashlight;

2. Strong light flashlight do not put the battery in the fire;

3. Strong light LED flashlight do not use other types of batteries or other batteries to replace the original battery;

4. After the explosion-proof flashlight is on for a long time, do not touch the glass with your hands to avoid scalding your hands;

5. LED flashlight please avoid collision and fall;

6. In order to avoid pollution, please dispose of the waste battery according to local regulations;

7. Do not disassemble or attempt to repair the flashlight by yourself. Unauthorized opening or repair of the flashlight is not included in the warranty;

8. The light can not be directly exposed to the eyes, so as not to cause damage to the eyes;

9. Keep the flashlight away from the sun or high temperature environment. After the flashlight stops using, please take out the battery and store it in a cool and dry place.


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