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Facts You Didn't Know About Explosion-Proof Flashlights

Writer:Jane Time:2021-07-15 Browse:200

1. Choose a professional explosion-proof flashlight, try to use the resin information of the explosion-proof flashlight, avoid using the metal shell explosion-proof flashlight!

Safety: Metal-encased explosion-proof flashlight will spark or spark due to conflict or spark, otherwise may cause explosion or fire. When you are in a potentially dangerous environment, for safety's sake, do not carry the metal shell of the explosion-proof flashlight, please try to use the fuselage as the resin information explosion-proof flashlight.

Consolidation: resin material is much stronger than metal, fall resistance, after use, light weight. When the explosion-proof flashlight is dropped from high or to the ground, the metal explosion-proof flashlight will often be hit with dents or break the lens, on the new era of anti-drop anti-seismic resin explosion-proof flashlight is completely not present this situation.

Anticorrosion: Resin data can resist the corrosion of gasoline and other chemicals. Metal shell explosion-proof flashlight in the process of using a simple scratch, this scar makes the underlying metal exposed to the user's palm of the corrosive acid substance, and resin shell explosion-proof flashlight no matter how explosion-proof flashlight appearance what kind of scar, no risk of corrosion.

2. Judicial public security personnel in the law need to use safety certification of explosion-proof flashlight!

3. Do not turn on the explosion-proof flashlight in potentially risky situations, replace it, and do not mix old and new batteries!

4. The initial charging time of the charging flashlight, please complete the initial charging according to the manufacturer's charging time, otherwise it will affect the service life. Please check the product manual before using the rechargeable flashlight.

5. Please use the explosion-proof flashlight explosion-proof function!


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