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Use Of Explosion-Proof Flashlight

Writer:Jane Time:2021-07-15 Browse:193

The explosion-proof flashlight used in the factory is very extensive. Install the explosion-proof flashlight to ensure that it is fixed, the fastening bolt cannot be replaced, and the spring washer should be completed. Dustproof, waterproof and sealed when the installation of the original. In peacetime also should pay attention to maintenance, maintenance process, need to pay attention to the following points.

Explosion-proof flashlight, lamp shade should be able to automatically cut off before the power supply. But interlocking devices are complex and not easy to implement, so most lights only have warning cards on the housing that mark the spot and other words. Since the surface temperature of lamps is still very high, if the lampshade is opened immediately, there is still a risk of deflagration gas mixture (mainly refers to explosion-proof structure), so the world's light emergency lamps, incandescent lamps, high pressure mercury lamps, light source of bulb surface temperature, but also quickly open the lamp cover, pay attention to this point. CEY-1 explosion-proof fluorescent lamp is equipped with power interlocking mechanism on the cover, which is used for maintenance work and provides convenience and safety. Since the fluorescent lamp is a cold light source with no surface temperature, the power supply can immediately open the lid.

When replacing the bulb (tube), the explosion-proof lighting of the explosion-proof joint shall be properly protected and shall not be damaged; After cleaning, the exposed surface should be coated with phosphating paste or 204-1 anti-rust oil. The surface should not have rust layer. If there is slight rust, there should be no pimple after cleaning. For dust, the waterproof seal must be kept intact, which is very important on safety lamps. If the seal is damaged, replace the seal with the same specification, the same material and, if necessary, replace the entire bulb. Maintenance should pay attention to whether the lampshade is complete, if it needs to be replaced immediately broken.


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