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Explosion-Proof Flashlights Are Especially Good For Night Travel

Writer:Jane Time:2021-07-15 Browse:184

How to buy explosion-proof flashlight

1. Close lighting (within 1 meter, with the reflection of the surrounding objects)
Recommend more LED products, lamp, head lamp for camp at close range, such as writing, repair, dining, etc., but I don't advocate the lamp holder, the more the better, the working voltage of the LED in about 3 v, so a lot of flashlight, head lamp to drive with 3 aaa batteries, 20 to 30 lamp holder is close to the current load limit, more easy to damage the battery and reduce the lighting time, The brightness increase is not obvious, I think more than 5 is enough, the extra LED will only increase the probability of failure.

2. Middle distance (2 meters to 50 meters)
High-power LED products, especially with 3W products as well, 3W chip is also recognized lumen company products in the most mature, buy a 80 lumen or so brightness, lower battery consumption, especially suitable for night travel. If you use a good product, do a good job of focusing light, it can shine very far. Its use time can use everybody to master knowledge of electronic simple calculation in junior high school, such as use a 3.6 V 2000 ma battery power, working current is about 1 a is roughly 3 w power operation, so you can have two hours of use, and, in fact, with the voltage drop in current will be decreased obviously, and the brightness down aren't so obvious, This is a major advantage of the LED, unless the driving circuit is maintained at full power, the actual service time is much longer than the calculated value, for example, the 1000mA battery above, the actual service time may be greater than 4 hours.

Xenon lamp products, high-grade products of this kind of products may have been actually used to provide the military, police use, with the money of the country, so there is not too much consideration of the cost of consumption, an hour of continuous lighting, bulb service life of 15 hours, is indeed not the average person can afford. If you want small size and absolute brightness, go for it.

3. Long distance, large range search (over 100 meters)
No emery don't embrace the porcelain to work, to do as far, great light cup is little not, high power bulb at the same time also requires headlight cup to adapt, coupled with the larger backup battery supply, so these things are can hold in his pocket, more suitable for search and rescue team, firefighters use, such as personal use, it is not very convenient.



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