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Hollow Profiles Or Into Complex Forgings And Wide Temperature Range

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Aluminum alloy 6063 GB features:
1. Short for Hot, High Toughness, Insensitive.
2. Excellent thermoplastic, high speed extrusion into complex structure. Explosion-proof flashlight, thin-walled box shape. Hollow profiles or into complex forgings and a wide temperature range, quenching sensitivity low extrusion and forging after ejection, as long as the temperature quenching temperature above. Quenching with water or water spray. Wind quenching for thin-walled parts (6 < 3 mm) can be implemented.
3. Excellent solderability, corrosion resistance, no stress corrosion cracking, heat treatment can strengthen the aluminum alloy, aluminum magnesium silicon alloy only found alloy stress corrosion cracking.
4. The processed surface is very smooth, and easy to anodic oxidation and coloring. Defects extinguishing at room temperature after stopping at some time during the aging process will have an adverse effect on intensity (park).
Mechanical properties of
Tensile strength σ b (MPa): 130 ~ 230
The ultimate tensile strength is 124 MPa 6063
The tensile yield strength is 55.2 MPa
Elongation of 25.0%
The elasticity coefficient is 68.9 GPa
Bending strength MPA bearing yield strength of 103 MPA of 228
Poisson's ratio is 0.330
Fatigue Strength 62.1 Mental Trauma and Pain
The solution temperature was: 520 C
The annealing temperature is 415 x (2-3) H at 28 ° C/H with cooling rate from 415 C to 260 C C.
Melt temperature treatment: 615 ~ 655 ℃.
Specific heat capacity: 900
Heat treatment: superb technique


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