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36W, 40W Ultraviolet Lamp Sterilization Method

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One, 36W, 40W ultraviolet lamp sterilization use method specification requirements
The corresponding length of 36W ultraviolet lamp is 1.2m ultraviolet lamp, and the same size length of 40W ultraviolet lamp is 1.2m ultraviolet lamp with sterilization function. Operating in a specific wavelength range. There are T8 and T5 types

Ultraviolet radiation intensity and radiation distance is inversely proportional, hanging too high, affect the sterilization effect. If the object surface disinfection, lamp distance from the irradiation surface should be 1m appropriate, sterilization is effective. The thickness of the water layer used for drinking water disinfection should not exceed 2 cm. The environmental temperature should be controlled at 20℃~40℃ and the humidity should be 40%~60% during disinfection. The disinfection effect can be affected if the temperature is too high or too low.

According to the Technical Specification for Disinfection, third edition, Volume 2 (Hospital Disinfection Specification) issued by the Ministry of Public Health, the number of indoor suspended ultraviolet disinfection lamps installed should be no less than 1.5W per cubic meter on average, and they should be evenly distributed, and the hoisting height should be 1.8~2.2m from the ground, so that the respiratory belt of people is within the effective irradiation range. Continuous irradiation for not less than 30min.

Two, 36W, 40W ultraviolet lamp sterilization method
Data: Ultraviolet sterilization is in the UV-C band, in which 250-270nm range of sterilization is the strongest. Because the resonance line of mercury is 2537A, the ULTRAVIOLET germicidal lamp can produce 254nm ultraviolet light, which can denaturate bacterial and viral DNA and RNAV, and the cells cannot reproduce. Ultraviolet sterilization for any bacteria or viruses are effective, concentrated high intensity ultraviolet light and then a short period of time can be sterilization. When the irradiation intensity of multi-functional ultraviolet disinfection lamp is 91μw/cm, the average killing rate of STaphylococcus aureus is 99.95% after 30min irradiation. When the irradiation intensity was 94μw/cm, the average killing rate of escherichia coli was 99.95% after 15min irradiation. Ultraviolet disinfection lamp (30W), irradiation for 60min, the elimination rate of natural bacteria on toilet tile floor is 98.93%.

Three, 36W, 40W ultraviolet lamp sterilization precautions:

1, ultraviolet light will cause burns to the skin and eyes, please pay attention to protection. Avoid prolonged direct exposure to the human body. 

2, ultraviolet light has a killing effect on organic cells. Do not expose pets and plants to prolonged exposure.

3, Pay attention to the shielding of indoor rare paintings and calligraphy to prevent the oxidation and discoloration of long time ultraviolet radiation. 

4, Do not use the germicidal lamp as a lamp. Disinfection to moderate appropriate, do not advocate a long time to open ultraviolet light. 

5, clean uv lamp, please cut off the power supply, use a clean soft cloth or alcohol wipe, avoid using gasoline and other organic solution wipe. 

6, prevent children from playing and contact. 

7, After disinfecting the room, please open the window for ventilation immediately.

Four, 36W, 40W ultraviolet lamp sterilization maintenance:
The dust and oil on the surface of the ultraviolet lamp will hinder the penetration of ultraviolet light. Attention should be paid to the wiping and cleaning of the lamp. Before using the new lamp, you can wipe it with a 75% alcohol cotton ball. Generally, wipe once every two weeks during use. When dust and oil are found on the surface of the lamp, it should be wiped at any time to keep the lamp clean and transparent, so as not to affect the penetration of ultraviolet light and radiation intensity.

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