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Led Street Lighting Control Mode And Energy Saving

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1. Common control methods
(1) Time control method: the opening and closing time of road lighting can be controlled by time, which can be automatically opened and closed on time or manually opened and closed.

(2) Illuminance control method: the illuminance value is used to control the opening and closing time of road lighting, which is suitable for areas with sufficient power supply. The natural illuminance level when the road needs to turn on the lights should be 30lx, and the secondary and branch roads should be 20lkx.

(3) The combination of light control and time control is adopted to control the opening and closing of road lighting with time as the reference and illumination value as the correction method.

2. Energy saving of road lighting
The value of energy saving of road lighting is considerable. According to statistics, there are nearly one hundred thousand street lamps in a provincial capital city. At present, the led street lamps in use will save hundreds of millions of yuan per year, so the promotion of energy saving of LED street lamps is quite valuable.

(1) Energy efficiency standards for road lighting. To achieve the power saving effect and measure the standard of power saving. LPD value ensures that it meets the requirements of energy saving and illuminance of road lighting. New road lighting is required to meet this standard in design to achieve power saving effect. The standard is also applicable to energy-saving reconstruction of old road lighting and energy-saving reconstruction of roads with excessive LPD. To further ensure the functional indicators of road lighting.

(2) Energy saving mode. There are two main ways to save energy in urban lighting. The first is to install energy-saving equipment on the basis of the existing lighting system. The second is to use energy-saving light source. At present, a new variety with development potential is LED street lamp.

3. Led street lighting control mode and energy saving means are usually the following.
1) Midnight light mode: In the late night when there are few people and cars, the street lamp controller turns off the lights. However, this way of turning off the lights will cause poor road lighting, which is easy to cause traffic accidents and induce crimes.

2) single light control energy saving: in each single light installed controller, light change control, independent control of each street lamp switch and independent stepless adjustment of the lamp light, can effectively solve the street lamp end voltage is too low, and make the whole road section can achieve the ideal power saving effect, but equipment installation and debugging is more complex.

3) The use of street lighting monitoring system, which is a distributed, networked monitoring system, including a control center and a number of points, can be independent distribution of a variety of street lighting equipment for centralized monitoring and maintenance management. The system generally adopts GPRS and general wireless packet service for communication. The system realizes multi-level control of all night lights, midnight lights and road decoration lights respectively. The switch time of the monitoring center depends on the program setting or according to the natural light control, and automatically issues the group control switch command. The operator operates in the monitoring center to realize teamwork control, partial teamwork control and single point on/off light control. Compared with high pressure sodium lamp and deless lamp, LED street lamp has more characteristics of dimming control, which is suitable for the application of street lamp lighting.

Led street lighting control mode and energy saving
4. Control technology of road lighting
At present, more is the lighting monitoring system, although the use of a variety of technologies, but its basic functions: one is communication, the second is control.

(1) For communication, there are four categories.
1) GPRS, namely general wireless Packet service, is a wireless packet switching technology based on GSM system.

2) USSD, that is, unstructured supplementary data service, which is a new service based on GSM network, it is a new service launched on GSM short message system technology. Compared with the traditional short message service, USSD has the advantages of instant effect, no storage and forwarding, short response time, and high transmission rate. The USSD uses the GSM network, so its network coverage is the same as that of the GSM communication system.

3) Communication with ZgBRe technology. Compared to the previous two, this is a service free system, it is a close, low view consumption, low rate, low cost two-way wireless communication technology. It is mainly used for low-rate data transmission between various electronic devices with short distance, low power consumption and low transmission rate.

4) Power line carrier mode. Power line carrier (PLC) is the use of the existing power line communication mode, power line carrier characteristic is no need to set up network, as long as there is a wire, it can lift the number of roller transmission. But only within one distribution transformer area


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