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Tissue Culture Of South African Indoor Sweet Potato Leaves And Seedlings--T8 LED Tube Light

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Location: South Africa
Customer type: indoor greenhouse tissue culture
Project scale: greenhouse planting area: 1200m²
Project implementation scheme: T8 LED Tube Light , layer frame structure light supplement
customer case
Why do customers choose us?

Has a mature research data and case support, the optimal spectral independent research and development laboratory, with the aid of appropriate light formula, and appropriate fill layer frame structure light LED lamp products, can provide uniform illumination, while reducing the layer spacing, the light of the precise formula can provide the spectrum of crops need light intensity, full control of plant growth and reproduction stage features, Can stabilize and improve plant quality, increase yield.

customer case
Effect of contrast
After using Pan American's lamps, they grew better than the original ordinary fluorescent lamps.
customer case
  Pan American Plant Light Tube: Plants are stronger and more uniform

customer case

 Fluorescent Lights: Sweet potato plants are thin, tall and long

Customer feedback and evaluation:

Our plant likes lamp very much,and is it possible to give more discount in next shipment,we are going to purchase more quantity by the end of Jan year.

customer case

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