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Indoor Hydroponic Leaf Vegetable Growing In New Zealand --T8 LED Tube Light

Writer:Jane Time:2021-06-09 Browse:95

Location: New Zealand
Type of customer: indoor greenhouse tissue culture, hydroponic plant factory
Project scale: Indoor planting area: 1000m²
Project implementation scheme: layer frame structure light supplement, sprout vegetable growth light supplement lamp, T8 integrated plant lamp tube, installation accessories, seedling frame design scheme, lighting arrangement scheme are all implemented by the design.
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customer casecustomer case

Has many years experience, independent research and development laboratory breeding has a mature research data and case support, design appropriate fill layer frame structure light LED lamp products, can provide uniform illumination, while reducing the layer spacing, with the help of laboratory research results with different varieties of plants suitable spectral matching, precise light formula can provide crops need spectrum and light is strong, Fully controlling the growth and propagation characteristics of plants can stabilize and improve the quality of plants, increase the accumulation of nutrients and flavor, increase the yield and quality, and reduce the harmful components such as nitrates produced in the growth process of leafy vegetables.

customer case

Customer feedback and evaluation:

Thank you. Business is going great and we are growing lots of microgreens with your lights. They work wonderfully. I'd say in about 3 months will have enough cash flow to build another grow room. Thanks for the update. I will contact you when I require more grow lights. Thanks!

Yes, they are growing very well good. Working on two more grow containers. I will keep you updated with progress and send more photos for you.


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